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  • A transaction always has
    two actors that complete
    three processes together.
    Hello, welcome to
    'Everything transaction'
    In the digital domain,
    trust manifests itself
    in the form of data.
    About data, trust and the unprecedented opportunities of the transactional internet
    The next fase of the internet
    is about the shift from institutional
    to infrastructural trust.
    book by
    Chiel Liezenberg
    Douwe Lycklama
    Shikko Nijland
    ‘Everything transaction’ is about digitisation and how the Internet offers ever more far-reaching possibilities for that.
    On this ‘online platform’ we will walk you through the three development stages of the Internet, just like in the book. We first look at 'information' followed by 'interaction' and, finally, 'transaction', given sufficient trust.
    This book helps leaders to better navigate the digital world, from the unique perspective of ‘transactions’.
    Integrated perspective on the core of the buying process
    Interactions and transactions are like breathing. We do it the whole day, without thinking about it. They vary from making a call or chatting, to paying or logging in. But what are transactions, really?
    Filled to the rim with timeless insights on digitisation
    The book describes the relation between transactions, the buying process, 2-sided markets, platforms, data and trust. Explained through recognisable cases, clear backgrounds, models and illustrations in its own visual language.
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    The only book on how we can keep control over the ongoing digitisation and platformation
    Authored by experienced fintech pionieers
    Based on years of hands-on experience with the development of innovative transaction platforms.
    CHIEL LIEZENBERG started INNOPAY as a hands-on entrepreneur with a passion for technology, product design, start-up and ‘connection’. He holds multiple patents.
    DOUWE LYCKLAMA is co-founder of INNOPAY and a thought leader in payment, invoicing, identity, data sharing and applicable regulation, with an extensive network in fintech.
    "The next stage of the internet is about the shift from institutional to infrastructural trust,
    and getting a grip on your own data."
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    No. At least, not here. This platform simply cannot provide the required trust. Luckily there are others that can do this on their specialised platforms. OK, it may require a whole series of interactions, but it’s possible!
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